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Serving our community...


Since 1996, the Vero Beach Rotary Charities Foundation has been serving our community and began with $12,500 in assets. Usually, members contribute on birthdays, anniversaries and years in Rotary. Today, we have $300,000 in assets and we have made grants to 48 local organizations totaling over $350,000. We have minimal expenses because oversight of the funds are provided by our treasurer and member financial advisors.

Grants have benefited those in the community from our youth to our elderly. Take a look at our current financials to see what a difference we make in the community.

Thank you to all our members who support our Foundation!

Grant applications should be mailed to
PO Box 643224, Vero Beach, FL  32964.


Foundation Trustees:
Chairman - Daniel Fourmont
Vice Chair - Ken Ligon
Treas. - Kathryn Barton
Sec. - Dick Carlin

Ophelia Angelone

Kevin Bailey

Ron Forman
Mike Kanuka
Stuart Kennedy

Chairman Emeritus:
John J. Schumann, Jr.

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